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Flight Spray is #1 in Magallan’s !

Flight Spray becomes the first product in Magellan’s 65 page travel catalog. Flight Spray is the first product you see when you open the cover of Magellan’s, a catalog containing hundreds of travel supplies.

Flight Spray, the newest travel health …


Travel Bulletin

Winter 2005 Travel Bulletin

With the cold and flu season upon us, using simple precautions, such as remembering to wash your hands frequently while traveling, can go a long way in protecting you from becoming a flu-season statistic. Flight Spray


In The Bag: “Flying Gear”

By Jane Memmler

FLIGHT SPRAY Don’t let a viral infection, brought on by dry aircraft cabins and recycled air, gatecrash your trip. Stay healthy with this natural, anti-bacterial nasal spray. A refreshing mix of turmeric root, spearmint and purified water,

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