First class in economy

Turning right instead of left upon entering a plane is a sad fact of life for most of us. But now you can transform a crowded cattle-class corral into a first-class experience, writes KEE HUA CHEE.

The seat is what separates the rich from the peasants. In Business and First, you can sleep flat on your back; in Economy you get a crummy little seat, but you can improve on it.

(Flight Spray is one of the products mentioned)

* Flight Spray

Increase your odds of staying healthy with the first nasal spray for air travellers. Dry aircraft cabins, recycled air and sneezing, coughing passengers do not improve your enclosed surroundings.

Made from turmeric (an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent), spearmint (natural anti-septic) and purified water, Flight Spray (RM53) prevents viral infections, alleviates nasal dryness and relieves cold symptoms. Muslims will appreciate it since it’s alcohol-free. Spray thrice into each nostril during and after flight or as desired. Spray quickly, firmly and inhale deeply and exhale through mouth. Instant refreshment

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