Flight Spray® can now can be carried on as a “toiletry”

Not only can Flight Spray® be carried on as a “non-prescription medicine,”
Flight Spray® can now can be carried on as a “toiletry”


Effective Tuesday, September 26, TSA Is Adjusting The Ban On Liquids, Aerosols And Gels

There are two major changes:
* Travelers may now carry through security checkpoints travel-size toiletries (3 ounces or less) that fit comfortably in ONE, QUART-SIZE, clear plastic, zip-top bag.
* After clearing security, travelers can now bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board aircraft.

Refined Security Measures Begin 9/26 Travel-Size Toiletries Carried In One-Quart, Clear-Plastic Bag Allowed Learn More

Know Before You Go

Travel-size toiletries in a single, clear, one-quart plastic bag allowed beginning 9/26. Understand The New Security Measures.

Bag And Zip For Short Trip.

The Right Bag For Your Carry-on.

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