Flight Spray Saves the Day

My friend travels all the time for business. She’s a finance extraordinaire. You know her type. She’s a ball-busting assertive work-a-holic. She crunches numbers like it’s nobody’s business. Sophie loves her job except for the part where she has to attend monotonous meetings analyzing the fitness of companies in cities all across the United States. Although she’s sharp as a whip when it comes to assessing the bottom line, the traveling has really been getting to her. She tells me the air in the planes is dry, dry, dry. She’s obsessed with not only her own personal financial fitness but also with her looks and health as well. But of course, this seems to be the on-going trend among women today. Sophie is constantly using lotion after lotion just to keep her youthful skin in tact but she said there was nothing she could do about all the germs floating though out the plane. Lately the meetings that she’s been required to cover just keep piling up in her powerhouse schedule. Unfortunately for Sophie, the amount of hours that she spends on a plane exceed her preference.

Fortunately on one of her flights last week, Sophie met Karen, another savvy business traveler. Karen was one of these people who just seemed to have it all together. Karen wasn’t dragging from all the common colds that typical travelers were suffering from. Sophie asked Karen what her secret was. That’s when Sophie realized that Karen wouldn’t go anywhere without her Flight Spray. Her saving grace was a natural substance that she was able to use and carry discreetly though out her travels. It even fit the ridiculous safety requirements that federal regulations implemented. This product kept Karen hydrated while helping her to ward off all those nasty germs from infecting her on those long flights. Sophie couldn’t believe that after all these years of traveling, she’d gone without this simple yet easy remedy for the constant dryness she experienced on her seemingly never-ending flights.

Shortly after last week’s flight, Sophie picked up a bottle of Flight Spray. She inhaled the refreshing mist and rejoiced at how easily hydrated it made her feel. On Sophie’s next flight, she was delighted to find that with Flight Spray, she was able to stay hydrated for several hours. This even helped her sleep well that night because she wasn’t stuffed up as she usually was after her long flights. Needless to say, Sophie’s early morning meeting that following day was beyond successful. As she was heading home that night, not only did she sense her typical feelings of number-crunching pride, but also a new feeling of clarity throughout her nasal passages. Karen was no longer the only one with this well kept secret. Now Sophie too was armed with the power of hydration.

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Flight Spray is Taking off for Greener Pastures
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Join us at INTELLIGENT REMEDIES and take 15% off your first order off Flight Spray or our other natural health products with code feelbetter15
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