Flight Spray Saves the Day

My friend travels all the time for business. She’s a finance extraordinaire. You know her type. She’s a ball-busting assertive work-a-holic. She crunches numbers like it’s nobody’s business. Sophie loves her job except for the part where she has to …


Affordable Business Travel Gifts

Flight Spray. You may be taken aback if someone gives you nasal spray as a gift, but for road warriors who’ve experienced the unpleasant consequences of dehydration, it’s actually quite thoughtful. The spray not only relieves symptoms but can also


Moisturizer, FlightSpray

This nasal spray created for dehydrated travelers contains turmeric root, spearmint and pure filtered water. The herbal remedy also claims to clear sinuses, protect against sore throat, and relieve congestion. And since it’s only one fluid ounce, it’s TSA approved


Smarter Travel

Increase the odds of staying healthy while flying with Flight Spray. The nasal hydration spray created especially for airline travelers moistens nasal passages, alleviates nasal dryness and helps prevent colds, flu and sore throats during flight. Flight Spray is made


Dry air relief

In-flight air is as dry as the Sahara. Flight Spray, from the makers of the popular No Jet-Lag, can keep nasal passages moist and help prevent colds, flu and sore throats that sometimes come with recycled airplane air and sitting

Flight Spray has taken off for Greener Pastures
And we'd love for you to come!
Join us at INTELLIGENT REMEDIES and take 15% off your first order off Flight Spray or our other natural health products with code feelbetter15
Flight Spray is Taking off for Greener Pastures
And We'd Love for You to Come!
Join us at INTELLIGENT REMEDIES and take 15% off your first order off Flight Spray or our other natural health products with code feelbetter15
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