Travel products claim to fight germs in flight

By Nedra Rhone
Cox News Service

With air travel at an all-time high, along with concerns over catching a contagious disease, more and more travelers are turning into germophobes.

Assuming the fetal position won’t do much to ward off SARS or avian flu, but concerned travelers can stock up on germ-fighting products. From disposable seat covers to personal air filters, there is something to satisfy the germophobe in us all, even if many of the dangers are more imagined than real. The best thing you can do, says Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, professor of medicine and infectious disease at Emory University, is use a waterless gel to clean your hands before eating and before and after using the restroom. If you are sick, stay home. Here are some products popular among consumers who hope to chase the germs away:
Boost your defenses: Stock up on $9 Airborne tablets, said Gwin Hammond, spokeswoman for Mori Luggage and Gifts.
Created by a second-grade teacher from California, the fizzy tablets contain 17 natural ingredients that are said to boost the body’s defenses.
Cover your seat: SeatWrap creates a protective layer between you and whatever spills may linger. The elasticized covers fit most commercial airline seats and can be used several times. Available for $9.85 at
Chase those germs away: Touted as the “first nasal spray created especially for travelers,” Flight Spray fights bugs with spearmint and turmeric root. It claims to prevent viral infections by making the nose unsuitable for inhaled germs to roost. It’s available for $14.85 at
Carry foot protection: Feet Wraps help squeamish types who want to avoid contact with unknown organisms and cold hard floors at security checkpoints. A package of 10 is available for $9.85 at or
Control your air supply: Need personal space? How about personal air? Ultra-Mini Air Supply’s filter “substantially reduces pollutants, dust, smoke, pollens, germs and odors in the air, so fresh air is released towards your mouth, nose and eyes,” the maker says. The battery-operated mini vent hangs around the neck. Ultra-Mini Air Supply is $129 at www.magellans .com.

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